Hiring and start working process

We have our engineer start work in about 12 weeks after receiving the request from the customer.

Request from customer

We will receive the request of the necessary human resources.

Confirmation / recruitment / screening of human resources qualification requirements

We will confirm the details of the required human resources and recruit them.

Submission of candidate list

We will submit a list of suitable candidates from the gathered human resources.

Candidate interview

After consulting with the customer, we will further narrow down the candidates and conduct an interview.

Employment Decision

Based on the results of the interview, if there are suitable personnel, we will decide to hire them.

Confirmation of conditions with customers and employers, dispatch contract / employment contract

We will negotiate the terms and conditions with prospective employees and sign the contract.

Application for status of residence (immigration bureau examination), retirement procedure

Apply for a residence permit (visa) in Japan and leave the company you are currently working for.
CAT arrange for the accommodation of the new employee coming to Japan (housing etc., if necessary)

From travel procedures to going to work

We will support you from arranging your travel to Japan to the picking up and going to work.